Renesent is a highly suffuse environment designed to help individuals realize their potential. It is the best community to find your business associates and build a technology startup from ideas. We’ve supported more startups in this manner than other firms

Our program is full-time as we know it is not simple building a successful company, it requires dedication and support. The program has two phases as such:

 Initial phase

We help you to find your business associates and  help to build-up ideas for your business

Secondary phase

Where you get your dream team funded and start working on the ideas to build up your company

Initial Phase

The first 14 weeks of the program focus on finding the right business associates and supporting you both to develop and refine an ambitious idea. We invest to pay each person who joins a monthly paycheck.

With our experience and technology, Renesent will support you to develop and refine an idea. Some individuals join us with a clear sense of what they want to build; others join us while they are still exploring. In both ways, we support you to find an idea which exploits your own personal competitive advantage.

At the end of Week 8 of the initial stage, we start preparing for the Investment Committee.

Investment Committee

You pitch to our Investment Committee to receive funding and join the secondary phase of the program. We make it crystal clear that we fund only those who have the potential to become high-profile companies. Even though we don’t fund you, we will help you to find the next step to raise investment for yourself.

secondary phase

You will receive the first investment in your company. For over six months you and your business associates will be trained by our team to accelerate your growth on the basis of analysis. After several weeks of training and development, we bring an opportunity to present your idea to the world’s best investors.

Each team will work closely with Renesent. We will support you towards growing your business and advise on product, customers and investment. Our team member will work in continuous touch to make sure you receive the benefit of the resources, networks and experience we offer.
We are uniquely able to bring together hundreds of early-stage investors, from across Europe, the US, and Asia. We bring the world’s best investors to you in order to streamline the fundraising process.



The application form is the first step towards joining. It is designed to get an insight into your past achievements and your suitability.


Once capable individuals have been selected, they will be sent an offer letter and other documents to sign, as well as some useful information to go-through before the program starts.

The Interview

Interview Selected applicants will be invited to a personal interview session, where they will be interviewed on the basis of their edge and background


Our program is an opportunity to meet all your potential business associates and generate new ideas with like minded individuals

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